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Academic Partners – We Create Opportunities

The Marie Nesbitt Promise Prize® is awarded annually to graduate and undergraduate students who have achieved academic excellence as demonstrated by grade point average, leadership, initiative, service and promise. Scholars remain a part of the program, the network, and their cohort, for life. The primary purpose is to support exceptional students in completing their academic program and achieving life and career success.

Empowered and centered at the campus level, Academic Partners collaborate with the Change Create Transform Foundation to customize student focused programs to align with their specific mission, needs and goals. Sustainability and commitment are key requirements of Academic Partners.

Academic Partners
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Academic Partners create opportunities for student success

Expand Student Recruitment and Retention
by attracting and supporting underrepresented high performing students.

Strengthen Academic Excellence
by creating programs that focus on academic achievement, motivation and student outcomes.

Enhance Institutional Advancement
by creating a framework that sets an example. Develop a strong affinity between Scholars and their alma mater, while attracting and engaging donors.

Academic Partners & Scholar Programs

To view the Bronx Community College short video and learn more about the Media and Digital Film Production Program click here.

147 Promise Prize Scholarships granted through December, 2023

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