The Summits – Leadership

The primary goal of the Change Create Transform Foundation Summits is to support exceptional students in completing their academic program and achieving life and career success.

Leadership Development: A program focusing on leadership, academic support, as well as personal and career and development. It is led and informed by experienced executives, academics and leaders.

Networking: A network for academic and career success, as well as mentoring and support. Attendees are expected to make a moral commitment to service, leadership and participation while learning how to build meaningful relationships.

Community Building: An opportunity to engage, think creatively, and consider how to have impact, be successful, and make a difference, while contemplating how to develop lasting connections.

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Promise Leaders Say...

  • "I feel it is important to share information gained as an alum with current students and recent graduates. It is important to their professional development."

    Monique Blackwood

  • "The overall agenda and experience of the Summit was wonderful. I noticed that Scholars as well as myself really enjoyed getting to know each other in a less formal, fun fashion. It was like meeting a distant cousin."

    Ian Findlay