Faculty Council

Dr. Nakeisha Lewis, PhD Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Accelerated Master’s Programs, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Accelerated Master’s Programs and an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Saint Thomas.  Additionally, she serves as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ambassador and was one of the inaugural DEI Faculty Fellows at the University of St. Thomas. Nakeisha completed her doctoral degree at the University of Texas at Austin where she studied Advertising.   She also holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Communications and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to pursuing a doctorate, Dr. Lewis worked with multiple marketing communication agencies across the country through consulting and various other roles. While she has presented her findings at numerous conferences around the world, her research can be found in the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Marketing Management, and Journal of Research for Consumers and Social Business. Her primary research interest focuses on the intersection of culture and marketing communication, with an emphasis on urban and multicultural markets. Her recent research examines topics such as consumer responses, ethical perceptions of multicultural marketing communications and brand placements in popular music. Nakeisha is also a co-founder of the Lewis Effect Foundation, a non-profit which works to impact the Glocal community.  

In short, Nakeisha’s mission is simple. She hopes to make the future of business and business education unapologetically more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and innovative.